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You have plenty of money but you work to an abusive boss, to an unhealthy workplace, or if you are still dependent of a guardian or spouse and they provide you w/ everything you needed but constantly berate you? Or would you rather Not with any of these financially secured people but can't afford yourself to buy the things you needed?
PocketHoles PocketHoles 26-30 2 Answers Jan 6, 2011

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I've been through both extremes. It's nice to have a comfortable environment to work in. If your boss is abusive, you are probably having your self esteem shredded on a regular basis. Possibly you are being paid higher so that you would not leave as all the others have. Determine what you would be comfortable making do without. And if you can live with it.....perhaps it wouldn't be so bad changing to another job. Or else have a heart to heart talk to your boss about the way he treats you. If he doesn't make an effort to change....look around for a better job.

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