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Another reason could be that he is concentrating on seeing that she is enjoying herself (yes, men DO care about a woman's needs and desires), that it takes away from his own. Not all mind you, but there are alot of women who dont put much effort into their partner's pleasure and satisfaction because of the myth that if a man gets to have intercourse then he's satisfied. There is also the myth that if he ********** then he's happy. Truth is....a man can ********* without having an ******, so sometimes he seems "finished" when really he isnt. I know this first hand because I've been there, done that many times. But it could also be what rusted shouldnt feel like "work", and if it does, then this can happen quite a bit. Guys need to relax and be pampered and "serviced" too.

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He could be under a lot of stress.

He could be drunk, on drugs or medication.

The desire might not be there.

He could be tired or not in the mood.

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(A personal answer.) Being, or feeling rejected too often by the wife. She may occasionally "relent"and submit to "non-responsive"sex in the same position,in bed only, in the dark and never indulge in ANY form of foreplay.

This dont flick throbul8rs switch. At all.

Some response and tittilation with some sexually confident dress and behaviour WILL remedy that, if thats the problem.

Keep it sexy, slutty and spontaneous.

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ok my husband is 42 almost 43 and never had any problems in this area before. For the last couple months its been happening. He has a clean bill of health and that i know of (we have talked about it) he has very little stress. Im at a loss

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I'm only 23 . And I love my wife she is very attractive. I feel bad,but I have a problem with my penis going soft during sex. I don't know what the problem is. Its so frustrating I don't want my wife to think its her. But I don't know what to do.

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If he is 18 then he should go to the ER right away. Otherwise it is totally normal for men over 30 to go limp on occasion. Not being able to become erect at all is indicative of a medical condition either due to the heart, blood flow or medicines like antidepressants. What is not often discussed is boredom with the partner. Men become very mental stimulated and less about just "the act" as they age.

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Well, one of the things about guys is we can is get it up even if we dislike a woman intensely.

This situation can continue until her behavior becomes just so horrible and unendurable that the poor dude will not be able to keep it up any more.

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Its something emotional maybe

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Thinking too much ,if your pregnant he might be worried he might harm the baby . Some first time father goes through this . From experience .

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hes probably also depends when...did you over work him or something?? I dont think that u should over react..Im sure there is an explanation just talk to him about it because Ive read in a magazine about a man who went soft on his woman nd he really did wanted to make love but for some reason he couldnt u kno...its probably confidence level..or the fear to not satisfy a woman...just talk to him it would make you feel better

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Ive read all these comments and I havent seen the reason for this being GUILT!!! IS HE CHEATING?

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I usually put it down to nerves, prescription medication and sometimes alcohol.

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Low desire (men aren't 100% ready 100% of the time!)



Stress (job, money, etc.)

Lack of interest


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this happens to my bloke sometimes - he is 64, but has been checked out and heart ok, though he does need checking out if it keeps happening. we found viagra to be the answer!!

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How old is the guy? It has been said recently, that men who have trouble with erection, could have other problems like heart disease....because the erection happens because of good blood supply...and if they have problems with arteries in the heart, they could also have problems with the veins in the penis.

It could also be psychological....stress.....alcohol.....

Diabetes leads to impotence many times, so if they are diabetic, that could explain it.

What does he say about it? Has he seen a dr? A Phd?

If it persists, recommend a ck up.

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