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Try adding some humor to your healthy routine. Listen to a comedy album or watch a comedy you enjoy every day. Read Dave Barry. Or listen to one of my all time favorite, Revenge on the Telemarketers by Tom Mabe (buy the CD). Try going to a website for really terrible music, the kind that makes dogs howl and cats run away; try getting the CD Golden Throats or a Mrs. Miller CD.

Besides that, there are techniques for dealing with anxiety; maybe a short term psychotherpist could help you. Yoga exercises might help or sound meditation (which I do and it helps me).

Good luck. Hope you feel better--and calmer--soon.

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two natural products will help so much and they are Omega 3's and 5-HTP.

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I recommend reading "Don't sweat the small stuff". It's a great book and has helped me control my stress and anxiety tremendously.

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thanks, ill check it out!

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