I ask this because I've met several women I thought I could possibly be compatible with, but they're always in relationships, so I can never really find out. Sometimes I'll see them again after a year or so. Their previous relationships will have ended, and I'd still be willing to give dating them a shot, but they'll just be starting another relationship (which later fails, of course) at the time I see them. With all this rapid-fire dating going on, how am I supposed to get a date request in edgewise? Or, even more scary, how unlikely is it that the right woman for me just happens to be single when I meet her, or when I'm in a position to meet her? Should I become all of their best friends and stay close by them, waiting for the right opportunity to strike like a trapdoor spider?
siamul siamul 22-25, M 6 Answers Jan 7, 2013 in Dating & Relationships

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