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were in same condition i know what it feels...

go to my question 1 guy answered to my question about this and he answer it great and it feels so light in my feelings

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What do you WANT to do ? You know the man better than anyone here. Do you believe it won't happen again ? Can you truly forgive him for having done it this time, and do you think you can get the trust back ? These are the key things you have to answer for yourself, and then you'll know how to proceed.

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Things to consider....

Why did he cheat? Is it a situation or circumstance that is likely to occur again? Did he then try to cover it up and lie about it? How did you find out? Did he come to you and confess? How do you know he's sorry? Is it possible that he is more sorry about getting caught than he is about the cheating? Is what you are seeing a bit of shame or embarrassment merely, or is it about his love for you? What is his past record, with you and with others? Has he ever lied to you?

Time for a strong strong reality check. Push all those romantic little notions aside and look at this thing rationally.

So young....and already getting to know some men all too well.

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The odds are very high that he will cheat again. Cheaters tend to cheat again and again. Can you live with that? Can you be with others and still love him? Can you rise to the challenge and make him want you more than others? It is not just a character issue. There are impulses that overwhelm each of us at times.

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You can give one more chance to him

Mistakes is a part of life

If you consider it is only mistake then you forgive him okay cheerful

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