i have a boyfriend but he is kinda of a cuckold so no problem with that
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sounds like you have no limits....and are surrounded by the right sorts of friends!!<br />
So I think the first thing is to go down to the beach wearing the tiniest thong under a see through dress or skirt and spend lots of time walking around before getting to beach and getting lots of attention..... if it is crowded you could probably cop a grope or two....<br />
once you are on the beach parade your near naked body for all the guys to see. I am sure you will get lots of attention with all your slutty friends dressed in practically nothing. Have a few drinks with a couple of guys and ask them to comment on how hot you look and make sure they get a good view of your barely covered *****...... ask them if you make their ***** hard and flash them your **** and bald *****..... am sure they will have their hands on you in no time and could probably get your hands on their *****.....maybe you could **** a couple in the toilets or just out in the open and go back to your **** friends showing them their *** dripping out of your ***** and staining your thong for everyone to see...... if you like this I can give you some suggestions for the night time.....<br />
<br />
Ok I will update for evening activities. Am sure you will like!!

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hi my gf just asked me to give you a reply on what i think and yes this is such a good idea as i can imagine all the well built guys at the beach wanting to get their rocks off somehow.
i think she would enjoy the different range of guys she could get especially when typsy under the sun.

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ok so after some fun on the beach it is time to get ready to go out and hit some bars.....obviously you wont be wearing much cos you will want to attract lots attention. I reckon a mini dress and tiny string backed thong would do the trick. When you are dancing it will be easy to flash your butt and you can let guys fondle your *** whenever they and you want!
Maybe have a competition as to which of you can dress the sluttiest!! Wearing so little can lead to all sorts of things but you will get lots of attention and guys will want to get their hands under that dress whilst on the dancefloor. You should let them and grope their ***** as well.
If you see (or feel) anyone you really like you can drag them outside and suck or **** a couple of them. What ever you do make sure you get a pic or two on your phone so you can send to you cuck boyfriend.... am sure he would love to see you with a mouthful of strangers ***. Or it dribbling from your *****.
Hope this is what you had in mind!!

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