ill be just on 7 weeks when iam booked in for my abortion. i have two daughters that will be 2 and 3 when the babys born, if i had it.. i never wanted a third, and am happy with how everything is now, the idea of going back to being fat, and breastfeeding, up through the night bla bla blah makes me cringe. i did the hard miles having two so close together. this pregnancy was one accident and i end up pregnant. husband doesnt want me to have abortion, but he is being selfish, its my life thats going to be changed, me that does all the hard work, and sacfices, all for something i never wanted, i know that sounds harsh but its the truth. my husband is a great dad but he is very unloving and unaffectionate i always am telling him but he never gets it, sometimes i dont even know if well last because i can't keep waiting for him to get it.. hes trying to emotionlly push me into having a third baby, and the pressures getting to me, and im running out of time. what do i do? im such a mess. UPDATE. I HAD BABY AND NEVER REGRETED IT. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL:)
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Give it a lot of thought.

Ask yourself if you were planned or are u here because of an accident?

In your life is generally working out ok? What's important is do u have a stable relationship or are u going to be a simple mother with more than u can handle.

At the end of the day it's all about how much responsibilty can u handle

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You are the one being selfish, not your husband! You are willing to kill your own child rather than be bothered to care for her (or him). Shame on you for even thinking it. Your baby deserves to live - you, I am not as sure about.

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Well you already have the appointment so I'm guessing you're determined enough. If the only thing pointing to the other side is an unloving partner pushing it I say, like you said it's your body and your life.

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You really need to speak to an independant adviser before you make any choice, hopefully the abortion clinic has already given you contact numbers of people to talk to, they should have.

None of us can make your mind up for you it is your body, and your life, but you do have to take some responsibilities for being pregnant, and I really urge you if you don't want any more babies to make sure it never happens again ( I know things happen I'm truly not judging)

You do say your husband is unloving but a good dad, do you mean just unloving toward you ?

Please go and speak to someone, if the abortion clinic hasn't given you any numbers then seek out an independant service that will help you make an unbiast choice.

Look after yourself, make sure you get the help you need, take care.

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No one can tell you sorry, your body your choice. Wish you peace with whatever you decide to do.

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