This morning I woke up, and after that my stomach started hurting. Middle of my stomach. It hurts right under my belly. Not really my stomach, but right under. It hurt more when I walk and when I laid down the pain subsided a little bit. I took a nap and when i woke up the pain was still there but mild. Before I felt like crying because the pain was that bad. I had to miss school. Why does it hurt? :( It hurt so much last night that I was hanging off my bed, wide awake, groaning with the pain. My mum heard me and came into comfort me until I managed to finally fall asleep. We HAVE gone to the hospital about it and they don't know why because I already had my appendix out. I know people here aren't doctors but please try and help me cause it hurts.
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I'll tell you something; when I get a pain in the stomach or feel as if its bloated, I alway take a raw garlic and eat it.

I know, it tastes bad as sh*t, it burns your tongue and no one would want to talk to you for the nest two hours, but trust me, it does help. Makes you go to the bathroom and get OUT the sh*t making your stomach upset, whatever it was.

Eat it ( don't eat too much of it) and drink a glass of milk or orange juice after it. Raw garlic is better than cooked.

I'm thinking you may have hemorrhoids. You didn't mention constipation so I'm not sure...

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this happened to me once when I ate too much dhal(lentils). It gradually ended when I reverted to a diet of vegetables and some meat.

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I had pains in my GUT for around 6 months, it is under your stomach. It turned out it was a combo of school scheduling getting in the way of my eating times, and also a build up of gas. So try and take some pepto bismol, it works for me in my situation and eat less gassy foods.

Some days it hurt so bad I couldn't even move and nobody knew what it was. But after I changed my eating habits and stopped drinking pop and drinking milk for a while (milk because I was sensitive to it at the time).

And one last thing, never miss the time you have to go to the bathroom, holding it in will cause massive amounts of pain after only a short while. Kind of like a massive traffic jam in your intestines, which is lower than your bellybutton.

Hope this all helps, go to the bathroom have some pepto, and if you have something like I did, you'll be fine.

If NOT make sure to see a doctor, you may have something more serious. But I hope you'll be okay :)

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I did see a doctor but they couldn't tell me what was wrong with me. -__- But i hope its what you think though. Thank you. :)

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The doctor had no clue what it was for me either, I figured it out myself : P I hope you can too :)

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I was gonna ask if it was cramps and I was like wait he isn't a girl lol. Maybe it's an ulcer? Or gas pain? I'm not an expert on that stuff, but I hope you get better soon!!

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I know. I just hoped someone could take my mind off it or so,ething. Thank you though. :)

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Sure! If you need someone to get your mind off of it message me. Lol I'll talk your ears off haha :p

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Oh but I bet I can talk more. No one can ever get me to shut up! XD I think i'll take a nap now though.. Thanks :)

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Hahahaha!!! Ok! Hope you feel better! :)

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