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My boyfriend and his ex were together for almost two years. They were best friends during those times and shared several "life changing" events/ problems together (that's what my boyfriend told me.) They broke up in good terms (nobody cheated with whom) so I understand that they are still good friends even up to these days. She also has a boyfriend now and everything seems fine... However, I could not get over the fact that she and my boyfriend are still talking to each other at least several times a week, or every two weeks. I talked to him about this but he was upset because he felt like im restricting him not to talk to his "friends" now. He also told me that he still loves her but only like a sister and not in a romantic way. Sometimes when he kisses and hugs me, I do genuinely feel that he loves me. But im still cautious becuse earlier in our relationship, I found out that he still keeps his ex's pink tank top. He already threw that away but im still confused. Help!
thesassygirl thesassygirl 22-25, F 3 Answers Apr 9, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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Tall to your ex at least twice a week. Solved! :-)

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I do not talk to my ex at all..ok maybe once or twice a week but he always initiates it. I feel like there's nothing really to talk about. We're civil but we're not goody-mushy with each other either. The same is true for my other exes..I try to stear away especially right after the break up in order to avoid those "hey I missed you..remember when?.." type of situation. I think it's not healthy when a person is moving on. And if the person already has moved on, I think it is not fair to have that kind of convo to whoever that person is currently dating.

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I mean i only talk to my ex once or twice a YEAR.

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