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Ok so a few months back I was on here pouring my heart out to you guys about my man in afghan being distant with me and telling me odd things like "things have changed" I just tried to shrug it off and pretend everything was going to be ok. It wasn't... he came back and a week later he ended everything. I was broken, he was my everything we had planned a future looked at rings viewed houses, then now... nothing. I keep hoping he will come back to me but last night he said he just doesn't think were right for each other, even though for the past year and a bit we were perfect for each other. I know he has "seen" things that he for obvious reasons can not tell me what but it was clearly messed him up. I want us to be happy again so so much and would give anything for this to happen. Im a broken soul. Has anyone else been through this and what was your out come? Somebody tell me how to fix this mess :(
blondechar blondechar 18-21, F 1 Answer Jan 24, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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I think that you need to ask him what he's seen and try to change things.

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He won't tell me... more to the point he's not allowed to tell me... :( I don't know what I can do x

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