What's your favorite episode? Mine is the one where William Shatner plays a recovering nut case on a plane who is the only one who can see this gremlin tampering with something on the wing of the plane. "Terror at 30,0000 Feet" or something like that.
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"Nightmare at 20,000 Feet," one of my favorites.

I wish I had cable because, if I did, I would stay home from work today to watch this!

Here is a poem I wrote about The Twilight Zone:


Some learn in school, some learn at home

But I learned it all in the Twilight Zone

And, as surely as Rod Serling's cigarette burned

Here is a list of what I have learned:

If you find yourself alone in a deserted town

It won't help to shout and wander around

If you love to read books and there's nuclear war

That's what a spare pair of glasses is for

If aliens come to earth with a book

Make sure it's for readers, not for a cook

If you're under the knife 'cause it's beauty you seek

It could be that everyone else is a freak

And if you reserve tickets on any airline

Make sure that your plane doesn't travel in time

And if you report something strange on the wing while you're flying

And no one believes you....please keep on trying!

And last but not least, and this one's no joke:

Rod Serling is gone now--that's why I don't smoke!

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Awesome! May I print a copy of it to show my other Twilight Zone geek friends?

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Sure! Thanks for asking--you made my morning!
When I wrote it, I worked hard at finding the episodes that are best remembered by most viewers.

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Yes! You made my morning. When I wrote that poem, I worked hard to figure out which episodes are the most well known to viewers.

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Yes, pleasse do! When I wrote this poem, I worked hard to figure out the episodes most viewers would remember.

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A masterpiece! I am smiling, I can remember each of those episodes you allude to.
This one has special meaning in my life right now "And if you report something strange on the wing while you're flying
And no one believes you....please keep on trying!"
How alike are stalkers to destructive being trying to end your passage at 10,000 feet.!

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omg! danm i missed it!, was it the black and white ones or the ones were james erl jones narates? lol

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Getting harassed is like living in the Twilight Zone!

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