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guardsvan guardsvan 41-45, M 3 Answers Oct 9, 2012 in Community

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Speaking as a VP I do not feel that this is an accurate generalization. Clearly, many CEOs do sacrifice their quality of life for their careers, but the majority of those who fit into this category tend to burn out and either retire early or step down either of their own choosing or not. <br />
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Those who are most successful as CEOs have learned how to balabce their lives to maintain a high quality of life.

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CEO's don't get time off. That's just a fact. They rarely get time to go the the bathroom most days, and lunches are eaten at the desk or with someone talking business. Same with most dinners - and breakfasts.<br />
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Don't know that this is a "quality of life" issue - most CEO's love what they do - but it is part of the reason why they tend to burn out after a few years and make good money while they are working.

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