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Some commentaries insist that the Authorized Version is not quite correct in translating the term in verse 26 as "willfully." These argue that the Greek word, hekousios, will not permit this translation. It appears only one other time, in I Peter 5:2, where it is translated as "willingly." The commentators insist that it should be rendered "willingly" in Hebrews 10:26.

The American Heritage College Dictionary supports their conclusion. To do something willfully is to do it purposely or deliberately. The commentators say all sin is done purposely because human nature is set up to do so, even though weakness, ignorance, or deception may be involved as well. To do a thing willingly is to be disposed, inclined, or prepared to do it. This sense is contained in the context because, by the time a person reaches the apostate stage in his backward slide, where he has forsaken God and His way, he has no resistance to sin.

The sinner is deliberately, even eagerly, determined to turn away from God and His way. He sins with barely a second thought, if with any thought at all. He sins automatically. He has forsaken God.

God is faithfully working in our behalf, even chastening us if He sees fit, to get us turned around and headed again in the right direction and attitude. He does this faithfully because He does not want to lose us.. In Hebrews 13:5, He charges us with the task of putting to work His promise, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."

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Thank you, that still doesn't put it to rest 100%. Maybe the only way to know is by fasting and prayer, that is what I will try next.

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When read in isolation the passage may pose a problem for some.

Read Mark 3: 22-30 and we find the one and only unforgiveable eternal sin. The backslider is not doomed . think about King David and the Apostle Peter and read James 5: 19,20. Those that falsely believe in the Eternal Security of the believer or Once Saved Always Saved may find the text under discussion disturbing.

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The Scriptures certainly do define the other Scriptures but as I addressed above, those examples of repentance occurred before the actual physical commission of sacrifice happened, in other words, during the bull and goat blood time.

I definitely agree that 'once saved always saved' is a huge crock of poo-poo though.

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it appears to say that if you deliberately sin continuously, such that your heart becomes so hardened to the point that you lose your desire for repentence, and truly returning to God, there remains no forgiveness for you. In Micah, God told sinning people to return to him, and God will return to we must return to God, and repent, or there will be no forgiveness for us.

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It simply means that Christ is the one and only sacrifice for sins. There will be no other!

If after obeying Him, we continue deliberately living sinful lives, there will be no other sacrifice (other than Christ’s) that will come along and cleanse us from sin (“Shall we continue to sin that grace may abound?” – Rom 6:1). That doesn’t mean that we won’t ever sin again as we will (that’s why Christ’s blood continually cleanses us from sin).

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It does not say anything clearly to me.... it just makes me think... if one does not believe that what has been received is the truth then have they actually received it? Does it still remain as unknown knowledge if it is not seen/understood as being truth?


I did not mean that truth is only truth if it is believed, real truth is truth no matter what one believes, but I mostly meant that I would think a thing like truth would have to be believed by someone to be actually received by someone, otherwise it's just bouncing off a brick wall. So if someone has been given, told or taught the knowledge but does not believe it then was it actually received at all? Does it this even apply to them? Or even if one does believe something is truth but has no understanding of how it is truth, is it then also actually received?

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The truth is always the truth no matter what anyone believes or hypothesizes. It is very clear that even among CHRISTians there is many false beliefs. I am merely seeking the truth whatever it is, though, I have to say honestly, I would rather live out the rest of my life in confusion than to find out for sure that I am not able to be forgiven, but if I could find out for sure that I CAN be forgiven it is worth the risk of madness and probable suicide to seek the truth.

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At first glance it reads as if there is no hope for one who deliberately chooses to sin after being born again. On the other hand, I know my God and His love for us and His grace is great -- am I to ever intentionally sin because of that -- "No!" as Paul said, but at the same time, because of WHO God is, I do believe that He receives anyone back who is thoroughly, completely, totally heart broken over their sin, regardless of the details. BUT if it is true that He won't receive one who has intentionally sinned after being Born Again -- what difference does it make to my behavior now? If I believe that His way is truth, I have to follow Him anyway -- even if I am hopelessly, permanently lost.

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Well said, I just need to know that HE loves me for sure to be of much use in this life and to have peace of mind, so I seek that knowledge, but HIS kindness to me does lead me to lean toward agreeing with you.

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it depends upon if you are born again. God loves us all. Romans tells us in chptr 2:4: It is love and mercy that brings us to repentance. If you continue to have faith, God's grace, thru his showing you love and mercy, will eventually bring you to repentance, which means that you will turn away from your disbelief and turn toward God's love, and you will eventually or possibly suddenly become convinced of your salvation.

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lo wolfman,i didnt intend to answer,but was intrigued by your question because you have answered a few of mine so well i gave BAs to them.The problem,as i see it,is there are descriptions of a god i have no wish to follow,in the 1st testament.This god is an aggressive,belligerent,jealous+pretty merciless god.The god described in the 2nd testament seems so different to the 1st.Im not a follower of any religion,but i do believe in the spiritual+the ultimate creator,a god of love,kindness,loving kindness,mercy,compassion+all things virtuous.i look around+its obvious we live in satans realm.satan would have been sure to have corrupted any source of truth in this,his the bible,which is a later telling of older documentation,in many cases,is sure to have been got at long ago.all i know for sure is that im of the light+would rather not exist than be on the other dont need a church to talk to or praise wishes,pedro.

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satan, the bearer of false light.

The Scriptures are reliable and protected so long as we take them straight with no deletion or dilution.

THE TRUE GOD IS very serious about things because things are very serious, it is benevolent and it is perfect, unfortunately because we do live in a place infested by evil spirits and people that give them homes within themselves, lies have been spread so thouroughly that the truth tastes funny to most people.

You think my GOD (THE GOD) IS 'bad' because HE IS seriosu about us and about our fidelity to HIM and about our obedience to HIM and about warning us of consequenses. HE rains on the parades of hedonists the GODless so they call HIM names and they hate HIM and they try to hold HIM to their pop-culture versions of morals (which today are defined as do as thou wilt - just be sure to fit in while you do it).

THE very same JESUS wrote the Ten Commandments in stone before Moses with HIS finger that also suffered and died on the cross and was later resurrected to pay for the sins of mankind. It is not a secret and careful perusal of the scriptures (old and new) would clearly prove that.

We live in the time where good is called 'bad' and bad is called 'good' my GOD (THE GOD) warned us of this time, and once again HIS warnings are perfectly accurate.

You are lost in lies, I do hope you will find truth and salvation.

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The scripture is very clear. The price for sin is death we have been covered by the blood until we continually willingly go against what we know to be true. There can be no true repantance until you have turned you back on what made you turn your back to God. Only then will you be covered by the blood. Restoration and forgiveness is always available to the backslider if he truly repents

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That seems pretty counter to what the Scriptures say but maybe I need to study further. I want you to be right about that, but I hope you never gamble and backslide anyway.

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It reminds me of most "Christians" these days.

They know Jesus' words. They know the laws of God, yet kill, steal, and commit adultery.

They ignore the basic laws and principles of the Bible for personal, worldly gain.

I haven't spoken to a true Christian for years now.

Christianity has been high jacked by fascists.

I guess it all comes down to perception and your definition of a Fascist. I believe in morality for moralities sake. I share many of the same morals that Christians have.

There are fascists among us and I know they can be found on either side of the fence.

We have been manipulated and have turned against ourselves. It's the wealthy elite that are the true fascists. It is they that keep us at bay with labeling such as Liberal and Conservative.

If Liberals are so bad how is it that every Conservative cause in the past has been cast aside to build a society that had more freedoms for it's people. The world grows more and more liberal by the day.

I know good, honest, hardworking people that are Liberals. They haven't a fascist bone in their body. Here in Oklahoma the Conservatives talk about the "black" man in the white house and how he needs to be assassinated. They talk about how they are Christians but at the same time say they have no responsibility to help others. They are way too much into what their neighbors are doing and believe. Everyone MUST believe the same things they do.

They spew hate every time they open their mouths.

I can understand not liking the Pres. I am not a fan myself but I am a Liberal. To plot an assassination of your own President is treason and goes against the law of the land and the Bible. Even if most don't like him.

I never wish death on or plotted against Pres. Bush. Even though I hated his guts. That would be down right UnAmerican.

The Conservatives here seem way more Fascist than any Liberal I have ever known.

They say they stand by and want to protect the Constitution but as soon as a freedom goes against what they want they ignore the Constitution and demand things to go in their favor.

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I agree that there are many tares among the wheat and definitely many who would impersonate CHRISTianity to corrupt congregations and reputations. Perhaps I am a tare among the wheat because of my past sins, but if that is so I certainly do not mean to be and I truly do seek to live a CHRISTian life.

However, I have never once met a non-CHRISTian who did not regularly sin and even rationalize that sin and I have never met more truly fascist people than liberals.

I am using google chrome and it crashes about every 10 minutes like clockwork, I had written a long answer but it went away and I am too tired to try again right now, I will try to get back to it and address what you brought up tomorrow.

-Sorry, I am skipping this for today, I will get back to this if GOD allows.

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i begrudgingly figured you for a bibliophile. damn shame, as i had hoped you had more sense.

What a waste of a mind. touche'

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You and all humanity will find out for certain that the Bible is true, I hope for your sake and the sake of those who you could positively affect as a believer that you find out sooner than too late.

On Judgement Day I will be either too far transcended and filled with joy to stoop to it or I will be quaking in my boots and way too frightened and ashamed to say 'I told you so', so I will just say it now.

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