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This is going to sound terrible.

But I thought you asked can a dog lick a bum (open) help in recovery. I heard somewhere saliva was good."

I need glasses.. ayeee..

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Ouch... I would not ask that kind of question.. It is just not That is funny though. Glad you re-read so you didn't block me for being a crazy pervert or something. I just want to know about my dog licking my burned foot, I dropped a huge pot of boiling water in it about three weeks ago. I went to urgant care and I have been on antibiotics but us still hurts allot and my sweet new puppy is worried about me and will not stop licking it, I heard that it could be a good thing that dogs have some special bacteria but I can't find where I read it...

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I think it's antiseptic. It could possibly help avoid an infection.

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Thank you!

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