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If Im the wife and his with his mistress. I would have nothing to do the them both cos all I know that friendship or realtionship is built on lies and cheats..and once they are over each other they can be very lonely for their the rest of their lifes..

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It is possible for a man to love two women. It is possible for a woman to love two men. However, a man who cheats on one for the sake of another loves neither. He is simply a cheat and a betrayer and ultimately will betray both. Such a man is self-centered and what he does he does for his own pleasure, not that of his "lovers." If he tells you that he loves you, he lies. If he truly loved you he would either bring you fully into his life as a ********* or choose to give up one of you for the sake of the other -- and we all know that will almost never happen. He may make promises and mean them at the instant he makes them, but he will never carry through.

Do not get sucked in by a guy like this. He will promise you the world and deliver only pain and suffering.

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Not fully committed. 50% committed, or 33.3% committed.

Love in English takes on many meanings....passionate for of french of God, etc.

A man can fully "family love" all the members of his family, and be committed to his family. 99.99999% of the time., a man can not "passionately love" more than one woman.....unless perhaps he's Mormon. It's seems unnatural. It goes against the way we are wired as human beings.

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