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My questions don't post when I put in links, but Google "mouth breathing" and how it affects facial development and there is a great deal of information on how good nutrition and facial development can affect the rest of your life. It would explain a lot of things, such as why very good looking people like Brad Pitt often come from corn-fed rural places where diets may be more natural and team sports are held in high regard. Now you might make the mistake, as many do, of saying "Well so and so has a weak chin and he's a successful lawyer!"... and of course, mistaking the exception as an invalidation of the trend. But nonetheless, do you think this may be true? And if genetics and early development is a factor in a person's life capabilities, what implications does this have for society?
Ilikegum Ilikegum 31-35, M Jun 10, 2014 in Politics

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