My Grandma (No blood relation though) was dying of cancer and was at the tail end when she told my mom that I was pregnant two weeks before I conceived. My husband and I did not tell anyone that we were even trying. That was in August. My grandmother died in begining of september and I found out I was 5 weeks pregnant end of september. That means I concieved end of August. I gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The strange thing is, my husband and I have noticed that my little girl has quirks that resemble my grandmother as well as look like her. But as I have said I was adopted and therefore my grandmother is no blood relation. Is it possible that my grandmothers spirit left and was rencarnated before her body died. After my grandmother told my mom that I was pregnant she became very distant and we were told she didn't have long left, (matter of weeks). Am i just wishful thinking or is this possible?? Me and my mom are Wiccans and do beleive in rencarnation. Please help.... All views welcome!! Blessed Be
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Well I guess that depends on what you believe in, in regards to the soul entering the womb .... Some people believe that the soul enters the womb upon conception... some people believe the soul enters the womb after you have your child.... I have even read on how some people believe that the soul enters the womb when you feel the baby kick for the first time.... Personally I believe that it is possible.... but not very likely.... much love ♥ I hope you find the answers you are looking for ....

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Thank You so much for your oppinion. Blessed Be!! xox

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Time doesn't exist. Reincarnation does. What we experience is what we focus on from the soul's level. Some people trapped in bodies that don't work (like Alzheimer's) do not spend that much time in their bodies. A body is just a body. Doesn't mean much in the bigger scheme of things. Theoretically, one who knows how can go forward and backward in time, because all that exists does so NOW. Therefore, it is possible that the soul focused on another reality, and assumed it. But that type of thing would be probably a spiritual error insofar as each experience is created to learn from, and to jump from one experience to another without examination is a waste of energy.

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No spirit is reincarnated before or after death.

In the next life, the souls soul does not need

a body to return to this tiny point in the universe.

Man will live with higher form of appearance

other spiritual realm.

Man needs to develop spiritual senses for next life

as he acquired physical senses while living in

the womb of his mother.

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I think I'm reading this wrong you said your grandmother died in begining of september and you found out you were pregnant end of september. So would that not mean she was dead by then?

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Sorry, I didn't make my self clear. I conceived end of August.

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Oh I see, you were already pregnant when she died, you just didn't know yet.... did you ever consider that the soul might not jump in right at conception? Personally I would probably wait a little bit until it was developed a little bit more then just a fertilized egg.

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Reincarnation is something that really only falls into certain cultures and religeons. I don't personally believe in it because I've never seen it happen, but anything is possible. Though, no two people are ever exactly alike.

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