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I'm a butch lesbian and I like this girl that I work with who is currently living with her boyfriend. I'm 24 and she's 26. She's aware of my sexuality and we're very close.For quite some time though, I realize that she's been super close to me. She's asked me to stay over at her place when her boyfriend's out of town. She changes out of her towel when I'm in the same room but behind me. She likes to hold my hand, rest her hand on my lap or smack my butt. She calls me cute or charming.We text each other alot and especially during our day off when we're doing our own things. We recently went on a trip together with some friends and shared the same bed. We cuddled,she'd rest her head on my shoulder, or playfully sit on my lap.She stuck to me throughout the trip. She even called me her part time "boyfriend". She's told me how her bf gets jealous that she spends alot of time with me and she talks about their arguments. I really like her and don't want to jump to conclusions. What do I do?
lucerocamino lucerocamino 22-25 4 Answers Apr 19, 2011

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Well, girls, heterosexual girls sometimes like to push themselves onto their lesbian friends or lesbians in general. they think it's flattering. best thing you could do is just tell them and see how they react, otherwise you will just get friendzoned.

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hey, how are you doing? I know it´s late for answering... but Iim shocked with your situation... first, i´d like to let you know that English is not my native languange so sorry about my grammar haha.<br />
Im passing through the same situation... i´m 19 years old and Im deeply in love with a straight girl...but for me it´s different I don´t know if she really likes me because she is quite shy...and sometimes when we hang out with our friends I make eye contact with her, but as soon as she notices me watching her so persistently she avoids me. i´ve noticed her looking at me pesistently and she sometimes bites her lips while watching me....<br />
I´ve noticed that she always finds an excuse for talking to me... Like inviting me to a party or to the movies, or to ask me what are the plans for the weekend.<br />
I´ve to mention that when we hang out with our friends she doesn´t talk to me at all...she gets nervous when Im around, and she only ignores me when im talking out loud wih everyone.<br />
She has told me that when she likes a guy she gets nervous and acts quite indifferent to them... like if she doesn´t like him.<br />
So it makes sense....<br />
She know perfectly im gay, I always tell her about my ex girlfriends and about my crushes...<br />
so maybe she is falling for me or maybe I´m misinterpreting all what she does.<br />
P.d I have not come out yet. only to my friends and they had taken it very naturally.

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