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Is blowing air into the vagina dangerous?

Originally Published: March 02, 2001 ~ Last Updated / Reviewed on: December 23, 2008

Dear Alice,

My girlfriend and I have oral sex. I heard that if you blow in the vagina of a female that it could kill her. Is that true?

Dear Reader,

Yes, it's a true but very rare occurrence. When air is blown or forced directly into a vagina — without allowing any air to escape — an air embolism (the abnormal presence of air in the cardiovascular system) could form, which can be fatal. Women who are more at risk for this unlikely possibility are those whose pelvic vessels are enlarged (meaning, increased blood supply to the vagina) due to a condition such as trauma and possibly pregnancy. So, if a very large amount of air were to be blown or forced into their vaginal canals, it's possible that the air could enter their bloodstream, causing a blockage in a blood vessel. As a result, some of these women, perhaps including the pregnant women's fetus, may experience complications. In extraordinary cases, some of these women (and the fetus) may die if the embolism travels to the heart or lungs.

If you like blowing air into your girlfriend's vulva, and if your girlfriend enjoys the sensations brought on by this, it may give you two some peace of mind to know that gently puffing some air into or breathing on a woman's vulva during oral pleasuring appears to be okay. However, it might be better to suck, kiss, lick, probe, press (with lips or fingers), or lightly nibble a woman's vulva or clitoris than blow or force air directly into her vagina. Safer and enjoyable oral sex on a woman mostly involves using a dam, finding out what feels good to her, and practice.

The answer, my friend, is not blowin' in the women.


DIANESELWYN - you are right but the FAN - that is not dangerous - enjoy the sensation!!

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Yes. This is why i'm single. Damn asthma.

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Yes, if air is blown into the vagina and it is not allowed to escape, it could cause an air embolism. But it's rare.

Oddly, I worry about this all the time as I like to lay naked with my legs spread in front of a fan after I shower sometimes.

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Does blowing smoke up her skirt count? ;~)

Doubt it, we would just keep coming back for more.

Yes, I read the same article posted by Dorothyofoz.

Danger lurks everywhere.

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It's gotta be rare

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Im gonna guess no.Judging from all the other stuff that people put up there, air hardly seems bad.

From the first post though, if too much air 'up there' can kill you, can too little air do the same?

Can you suffocate through your vagina?!?!?!?


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Argh I hope not, I've just been doing naked gymnastics in a blizzard!

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It's very rare, but it does happen.

Sometimes it can harm the baby (if she's pregnant). If you blow too hard air can go into blood vessel, and eventually go into the lungs an heart. So if your woman likes it, just keep in mind not to blow too hard too fast.

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I used a technique a few times on my wife where I blow air between my lips on her **** like a motorboat. Would this be dangerous for her?

I bet she wouldn't care cause she likes it. hehehe

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Lol, no. This is one of the best questions I've read in a while!

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Another reason I should already be dead.............

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If it's your breath it's coming from you have some serious oral hygiene problems. As they say, enough to blow a buzzard off a **** wagon. :-)

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A lot of forceful machine-powered air, perhaps, but not a light blow given passionately, no.

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R u serious?

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i hope not.........

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