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i live in a hud apartment and lately theyve been painting and the fire alarm keeps going off cause of the fumes, some of the fire doors shut too, we dont have to go out cause we all know its not a real fire but i wondered what if i wanted to take the elevator downstairs to go somewheres or to come back upstairs when i got back or to go downstairs to check my mail, what if it goes off? i know it can stop the elevator, im not worried as much about getting trapped cause they shut it of right away, im afraid the elevator will fall and i'll get hurt, are they creating a dangerous situation when the fire alarm goes off and since i dont know when its going off would i be better off using the stairs when theyre painting, its really annoying and i dont see why they dont just take the batteries out. any suggestions? should i check my mail after theyre done? i dont want to be a prisoner in my own home and dont feel like doing stairs cause of a knee surgery either,what should i do?
lederman lederman 51-55, F 6 Answers Dec 3, 2012 in Community

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We can try to prepare/prevent for any danger and leave the rest to god's. You have to have faith in the system you live in, like the elevator, electric, alarms, water, even a/c.<br />
If you are so concern with building fires, or electrical troubles, consider being on a level high enough that a fire truck ladder can reach. Being on the 10 fly would be as dangerous as the second floor, but a lease you can leave by stairs.

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i would hate to be trapped in one while i have to take a wicked crap , that would be a drag and really hope i'm alone in the trapped elevator then but with my luck i would just have done it and the doors would then fling open and all the building staff would be there looking at me , ha ha

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