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LOL prepare to be inundated by messages from wannabes.

There is no one answer to this question. Each person has their own needs and limits.

You may as well say "heterosexual males, give me a rundown of the married lifestyle" - it all depends on the people involved and the relationship they've negotiated between them.

Unless you truly have no limits, beware of letting other people tell you how to be. Even subs need to look out for themselves.

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You'd be better off describing your ideal Dom than asking random strangers to define a sub.

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I'm a submissive male who is owned by a Dominant female. Our relationship is perhaps like some others and very unlike many more.

I feel both Dom and sub each have their own needs and each need to have their own needs met. Hey that goes for a successful vanilla relationship. So work out what are kutiepier1313's needs. Bondage, spanking, serving, sexual, non-sexual, etc. If you have met somebody already work out what are his needs. Then can you meet his needs and can he meet yours?

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