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pathfinder tiefling cavalier character sheet Add Media ok i play pathfinder and want to make a tiefling cavalier character but am struggling can someone give me pictures and even tell me how to start a character from scratch in detail for future reference so easier to make stuff in future the stats for my character are: strength 18 dexterity 17 constitution 10 intelligence 18 wisdom 14 charisma 8 i rolled 180 for money and got: scale mail a great sword and a morning star and my equipment is: bed role water skin armor spikes flint and steel with that info can you fill in a character sheet and send pictures of it and fill in all the little bits like special ability and tell me how many feats i get and stuff like that thank you if you do PS i do have to core and advanced rule book and bestiary but not smart enough to make character myself haha
itisallaboutme itisallaboutme 18-21, M 1 Answer Jan 11, 2014 in Hobbies

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as a level one tiefling you get one feat. also just follow the procedures in the book. that pretty much solves it all, after that it just comes down to concept. i find it easiest to just make a excel spreadsheet add in the formulas and then its easy

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