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I can think outside the box, but I can't wrap my mind around the fact..... perhaps with some more practice?

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Sure. Why not.? Did you really think it was just us? I can't wait to see how the various religions rush to explain this one when the little green men are found.

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We don't really know of any planets outside our galaxy (though there's probably a heck of a lot more than 50 billion). I believe the planets we do know about for sure are only inside our galaxy - everything else is really too far away for our puny technology.

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Hi mojorising

No but when I was at my first school they had a million book. It had stars typed out a million times. This was in the days before computers and my understanding of it was the school secretary actually typed them all. I thought that was more mindblowing than the number of stars in the book. I guess she did it out of a sense of affection for kids to help teach them something. I guess it worked as I never forgot it. I tended to think the headmaster made her do it which got me to thinking about what power can do to a person and how cruel he was. I mean they could have just printed them out using a Xerox or something. What we were told was the secretary hand typed them all. 1,000 sheets each with 1,000 stars on it!

So 50 billion stars is 50,000 cruel headmasters!



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First I imagine everyone in China, then pretend they have around 50 planets each. lol

Crazy statistic huh? Imagine if we get space travel sorted...unlimited resources my *** lol

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