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See if you can get help and advice, and from someone who is in a qualified and trusted position - a youth counsellor, social worker - or your school/college service, if this applies to you. As it seems as if there are some issues you need to talk about, and don't know who to trust, or who could really help.

So start by looking up local Youth Counselling and Advice Services in your phone book, or online. Then get in touch...

The right help/advice is out there - you just need to find it. Go and see someone, and talk it out face to face. Ask for sources of practical help and support, if you still feel your really need it. Or go see them a few times, over a few weeks, and see how you feel, then. You never know, unburdoning yourself a little, by talking to someone trained to help and advise, could put things in perspective, and offer a way forward. They could also put you in touch with other young people facing similar problems or worries, via a support group, or a youth club or something.

Talk to someone who already knows how best to help.

But make sure it is a qualified person.

Just try it, and see...

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If you're being abused at home you should report it to the police or child welfare or whatever they have where you are. Random internet people aren't always trustworthy.

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I don't think it's a good idea to ask online. But have you considered trying a hostel? It's what they're for and a few have confidentiality agreements..

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well first off that is kidnap.... plus you might get a real creap on here saying that they will take care of you...

you are 17 get legally deamed an adult by the courts... tell your school counselor why you have it so bad at home... if it is abuse they have to report it by law...

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mee too am 14 i want to do the sam well i did it once but something made me come back but all i need is support and come with me

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