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Dear X,

1. **** OFF.





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I'm curious, how long ago did you break up?

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U cud say you were a great teacher but u sucked at personal relationships. Good luck in whatever u do in life.

Or u cud write a letter to him. Swear. Cussed. Call him names. Get everything off your chest onto the paper. Once finished don't read it again then burn them and Neva look back again. Do not send the letter to him.

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i would move on without bothering. keep your energy, it's too precious to waste on fools.

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There was a story I read once about a pair of students and a teacher. Jenny had a crush on the teacher, and he, well, lead her on. When he broke it off, Jenny was crushed. A few months pass and this teacher is going to be leaving the school to follow his now fiance. The students are asked to give letters for him to remember them by.

Jenny spends all night writing through drafts of letters. She explains to her best friend that she kept getting lost in essays of things to say. Finally, found the perfect way to say everything on her mind and in her heart.

The story ends with the teacher looking at her letter, which simply says "I loved you."

And next to it is her best friend's letter to him, which simply says "You jerk!"

Try writing a letter like that.

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don't give them the satisfaction of knowing

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dear so and so, you ruined my life this much.. love, your name here..

how's that..?

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