I am still a virgin. 27 years old now and I still have not gone all the way with someone or even gone on a date for that matter. I ask this because I look at other people being very intimate with each other and I have to ask myself... what did they do to get THAT far? Every time I ask someone out... one I get turned down or two I get friend zoned. I know how to make friends... I am really good at that. However when you get into dating and intimacy, it is like a foreign language to me. I am a bit of a different guy and in that I mean I don't believe in being so close to arrogant but still not being arrogant just to be seen as being confident. So I am not very- well I will use forceful for loss of a better word when it comes to showing someone that I really like them. I figure that a simple " hey I really like you, would you like to get to know each other better?" would be enough. So far... not the case. So what am I missing here? What am I not doing? OR what am I doing that I shouldn't?
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ive got a friend hes not ever been with a woman hes not gay ,its due to how his mother raised him hes morman . maybe just tell the person that you want to be more than friends . women can be like cats being thrown into water hard to deal with .maybe right a letter are you why?

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Don't be so straight forward. Ease into it. Just be sweet but not in a creepy way.

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It's hopeless!

Just give up!

You'll just get hurt in the end and become a diminished husk of a man disillusioned and dissatisfied and depressed.

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Try not to get in the friend zone I heard once your there its over

be more sexual like having sexual comments almost like a perv but not too pervy

constantly touch when dating make it natural dont be nervous when touching

dont be a do boy women test you to see if youre just the let em run over type

and be funny

whatever you ask for ask in a way that would seem like it wouldnt bother you if the answers no

scratch that never ask


get use to being around alot of sexual women in bars or clubs or something to get that strong desiring smell off you for some reason most women who themselves might say otherwise are mostly attracted to men whos been around

the some women cant stand for a grown *** man to be a virgin and will try to change that so that could be your best line

confidence in the woman doing what you want seems to hypnotizes them

atleast for me

one time i felt the same way this question feels i walked into a store drunk and because the girl behind the counter was hot (and i never approach women) i grabbed a pack of condoms and put them on the counter and asked if she wanted to go half on a baby she put her name and what time she got on a piece of paper and handed it to me

before i did it i thought she would be ugly cause it was stupid i changed my whole attitude

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Listen...I think your trying too feeling here is that it happens naturally without trying...if cisyhyou have to try something's is not quite right....when you smile into someone's eyes and feel that drowning feeling that's right...when you automatically entwine your legs when sitting and feel the tingle when you touch someone that's it ...when you feel the magic of a kiss tingle through your entire essence...that's goes far beyond physical attraction to a place of emotional and spiritual can't force the real isn't something you feel on your own...the other must also intertwine in. Your. Embrace..

What you desire also needs to be the others can't push this sort of pure magic between two people...

When the time is right and emotional trust reached you will find....

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The first question I have for you is: Do you know how to flirt? Women like to flirted with. It helps them use their imagination. Using such a "direct" approach like " hey I really like you, would you like to get to know each other better?" can kill things before anything can get started. Rule number one is there must be a mutual attraction and you must make yourself attractive to a woman. 90 percent of that attraction will be your personality and not your looks. So starting off by telling a woman "I like you" especially if she's never met you isn't going to do it. The first thing she will say to herself is: "How can he like me he doesn't even know me." If you like a girl, start by befriending her and just talking to her, but you must be able to tell if she is interested in you. If she's not interested in you then I suggest you move on to another girl. As for the girls that do show interest, give them attention but don't follow them around like a puppy. That will end things very quickly as well. Above all just be yourself and lead an interesting life so you will have lots of things to talk to a woman about.

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Kinda hard for you to explain yourself on this EP. You should find a close guy friend and ask them for advise, that is what friends are for.

I guess you are arrogant and don't want to be, but you are. Women do not generally like arrogant guys.

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ONE I don't have a close friend I can turn to. TWO I was trying to say that I AM NOT ARROGANT. I just think it is a little unfair that in order to be SEEN or VIEWED as CONFIDENT you have to be very close to ARROGANT. At least that is what I have been viewing. That is what I DO NOT WAN TO BE. If that is what I have to be just to be seen as confident... I am not really sure I will ever be seen as confident.

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You do sound confident in all your responses, so do not explain yourself, or justify anything, or even urgue. If a woman say they like you, don't ask why. You put people on notice to justify themselves. So therefore you become arrogant in their eye. Just be yourself with fighting back.

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thats the thing... I cant even get to the point where the woman really likes me. It never gets that far.

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" hey I really like you, would you like to get to know each other better?" would be enough. So far... not the case.

Most women don't want one night stands, and this line pretty much says, that's all you want.

Some women will go for it though, because they might just want you for one night, and that's all.

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THAT IS TOTALLY NOT WHAT I MEANT!!!! like I said this dating **** is like a foreign language to me. I really don't know where to begin when it comes to dating. THIS IS IN NO WAY ME TRYING TO GET A ONE NIGHT STAND!!!! all I want to know is how people get into a relationship that is based on an intimate level.

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All I'm saying is, that line....might be part of your problem.
You asked.

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Let's put it this way.
DON'T say 'Hey I really like you'.
You're talking to her right...she kind 'gets' you like her.
Take it slow. Let her get to know you.

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I realized that I asked... but you took it totally wrong. that is not who I am at all.

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No No No....I didn't take it wrong I KNOW what you meant!
You were being sincere! I know that because I have the advantage of reading your question.
All I'm saying is, saying it 'that way', to soon might scare a woman away!

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don't forget to wear protection

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as soon as I get that far I definitely will. but first I would only like to know how to get there.

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step 1. remove clothes, step 2... get freaky

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