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yea it's ****** get yourself one and do things to her and on her. I'd get one of them cu.m dumpsters if I was closer and hit it. Talk down and tell her how low I think she is and how I have no respect for her, I just want a warm cu.nt to and dump a load in her then I'm out before she rubs off on me and I catch something and have to take random di.cks from anyone no matter how much they make me wanna puke. I just smile and tell them how big their little is and how wet the make me, smile, suck their nasty stinky and fondle ball.s, lick his dirty as.s and finger the hairy hole while lying to him saying is hot and manly to get as.s fingered by girl sucking all for about 50 bucks. Then walk around with his load on me and sweat on my ti.ttys and body stinking as I'm about to another nasty fat as.s dude in pantie.s

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i can translate it easily:<br />
<br />
money money money, give us your money now!

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