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So lately I have had a couple of dreams about my boyfriend. Just this night I dreamt about him. He was choosing some beautiful women instead of me, without looking back. I mean. In the dream he wasn't even sorry. And later when I wanted to speak with him about it (in the dream), he suddenly got distracted by one of the beautiful women, and then ran after her, leaving me behind. - I ran to a room (that nobody else knew existed, and I were about to cut myself when I wake up (crying). In a dream for a couple weeks ago: I dreamt that we were walking away from a caffee-shop (hand-in-hand), when a girl ran to my boyfriend and said that a woman in the caffe-shop would like to go on a date with him- (i was actually okay with it - i thought). He looked at me, and was about to leave with me, when the girl's name was mentioned. He let go of my hand and went into the shop with the girl. And then i ran far away, to a place nobody else knew. Woke up crying again.
shithappened shithappened 16-17, F 4 Answers Jan 14, 2012

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Every character in the dream is you, yes even your boy friend and the beautiful girl. It may be that you like this boy very much but you are questioning if you are ready for a lock-down commitment, the beautiful girl that you are seeing is the you of the future, the you to be. Love at any age is easy and timeless, relationship at all ages is constant work, constant evolving and adjusting and really never is forever. The coffee shop could be the future, the running away to rooms that no one knows about is the journey you are making within yourself. That will be the most important room you ever visit. Make it a good place, even for the tears.

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