I have trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy due to a condition I was born with, and at times I can't understand if something is real or not, and I still think dreams are real, because I can feel the pain and sensations. In my dreams, my best friend is an evil person who wants to see me suffer. For example, he would push me down the stairs and slam my head against the ground screaming at me to die. Then, he would proceed to throw me into boiling water and cut me, or something, or he would choke me. In each dream he's getting closer to actually killing me and I am wondering if a person in your dreams can kill you in real life, eg. can the brain be tricked into not breathing so much from a dream that the person chokes to death in his waking life?
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well i am not sure but i have been having the same drean lately its about people being murdered cold bood horrible murders people i know some i dont and some is family but there is always a ten year old girl she trys to help me but he gets me and torchers me or another dream i have is where i fall into the water cant breath cant say a thing i try but i cant and i wake up out of breath i am not sure of the anwer but i am trying to find out maybe with your help and stories i can find the answers i want to know can your dreams hurt or kill you?

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It depends on the health of the person.

Your dreams cause you so much stress, to often, it adds up.

Yes, they can.

Have you tried learning how to change the ending of your dream, so it ends positively for you?

I have nightmares, and sometimes I can go back in and change it. It does help me calm down.

I hope you get a handle on this. I'm so sorry you're going through this.

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It's possible you can feel pain in your dreams, but I'm pretty sure if you're waking up with unexplained brusies either you were drinking, had a fugue state, or are a sleepwalker.

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If you are a sleep-walker they sure can. I have read about people who walk into some dangerous situations as they are dreaming. Also can have a heart attack from a scary dream, although I believe that most of my nightmares are triggered by physical problems such as indigestion or heart palpitations after eating something that has MSG in it.

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no they can not

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KRUGER! I told you to behave yourself!

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one time; I had a pain in my kneecap; I woke up with the pain in the same place.

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