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You can know you are pregnant from a dream before you know any other way. But, dreaming that you are pregnant doesn't always mean you are pregnant, if that makes sense.

Your body is this wonderfully complicated machine. Pregnancy causes all sorts of minor, nearly undetectable changes that multiply as time goes on.

It is entirely possible that you are computing those changes subconsciously, and that the information comes about in a dream.

Knowing someone else is pregnant is an entirely different type of dream.

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I have heard dreaming about fishes means someone is pregnant.

Dreaming about being pregnant signifies a new beginning or growth in your life. It's usually a positive thing :)

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If you dream about being pregnant a lot it could just be coincidence.

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My mam always dreams of fishes just before hearing someone's pregnant; she knew i was all 3 times, she knew when quite a few of my friends were and my sisters. It's always fishes for her, so why not?

Best Answer did happen before to the Virgin Mary... (not that im trying to convert anyone here but this is just my input)..theres been many times where i've had dreams that have actually occurred in real life a few months or years the same exact location, or the same exact situation (and the dream comes PRIOR to reality), which i have always found to be pretty hard to see as just pure coincidence. sometimes it can get pretty crazy!

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No. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that is so.

Perhaps in your previous experience, you had babies on your mind for some reason.

If dreams predicted the future, I would be banging Anna Paquin, giving speeches in the nude, and picking up after a rain storm of money that had blown through.

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I'd never say "Never",but I might mutter something about statistical probability,and suggest you'd be better buying a pregnancy test.

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