He's dying
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Yes alchohol can kill you. SO can long use of certain types of pills. He needs to go to a detox. Trust me he will never be able to stay stopped without some outside help and time. You can not fix him. I know your heart may be in the right spot. But it has been my experence that a wife of many years. Will help kill him unless she understands the disease. Get him in a dextox or get him to a AA meeting.

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No - but restarting a drug habit after having gone cold turkey CAN kill you. Thousands of people die that way every year. Once he's stopped: don't let him start again.

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That is a good question. I think that maybe possible depending upon the person's duration of use. I think if not under a doctor's care death maybe possible. I am not sure but that would be my best guess.

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Studies show that alcohol is the only substance (of the common intoxicants) that can kill you while leaving your body.

Certain drugs just have wicked withdrawal symptoms. Make you very ill, but won't kill you.

Ask any rehab facility, they will tell you. Or, ask your doctor. =)

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yes,yes,yes! and opiates are the worst!

been there never want to ever do the withdrawal again....and this was done under drs.suppervision.

GET HELP, seriously its the worst pain you can think of.

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EricS: alcohol IS a drug. So many others have already stated the truth that alcohol withdrawal can kill you I'd only be repeating them. I detoxed myself from alcohol with vodka shots, as dubiousone said. I had the discipline to take ONE SHOT when my pulse creeped up over 110 and not again until it climbed that high hours later until it didn't reach that number again. It took days.

carmm: I stayed stopped without help now over 25 years, not exactly just a few weeks, is it? I did need help before that but ultimately I put my foot down and without AA!! Good luck. If a person really doesn't want sobriety nothing will help and if they really do no help is necessary!

BTW barbituate and even valium withdrawal can give you seizures that can lead to a fatal knock on the head. I'd say that qualifies as dying from withdrawal!

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Yes they can and yes alcohol is a drug. These things need professional help to get the kind of results needed.

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Benzo's and maybe barbiturates but not a hundred percent about them, benzo's are def a drug to be tapered cold turkey's of them twice wasn't nice

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