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starship33 starship33 36-40, F 3 Answers Nov 4, 2012 in Health

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there was a fun show on CBC TV the last few seasons. kinda like dancing with the stars, but it paired retired NHL pla<x>yers with olympic skaters. it was called Battle of the Blades. there should be plenty of video clips online.<br />
over the space of a few weeks, they learned a lot of moves, some of them had pretty slick routines by the final weeks, though not worldclass.<br />
valeri bure prolly impressed me the most, but the tough guys like TheoFleury, TaiDomi and GeorgesLaRoque were more fun to watch<br />
<br />

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here's Bure.
his partner does all the flashy stuff, so mostly he just has to skate in rhythm and do some lifts. it's still a good performance...gotta say, ice dancing is a lot more interesting when the guys are big, athletic, and macho

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