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he broke up with me 3 weeks ago, we haven't made contact since i rang him and we had a small awkward conversation. this was 2 weeks ago. he comes back to my hometown from uni in a week and he hasnt said anything to me (i know this from stalking his facebook) the thing that im asking for is a little book where i wrote all of the great times we went together down in, plus some other family holidays i have in there too and mementos. its quite sentimental. i dont know what to do because i know he doesnt want to talk to me, i also know that if i see him ill fall all over again. i dont know what hell do if he sees me, act cold? i just dont know. i want everything to go back to normal and i also want to just talk to him about what happened because he did it over the phone i also dont know how id ask him because id have to ask him before he comes back, and then ask to see him when hes here.
tryingtokeepmyheaduphigh tryingtokeepmyheaduphigh 18-21, F 4 Answers Dec 8, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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again ... just let him keep the book of good memories ... dont hurt yourself for a guy like him

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It is right that you ask for them. Otherwise it will be bothering you. It is like leaving a part of your body there. I got all my things from her place when we split. But it was she who put them in black bags, and a box and a friend brought it for me

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No...let it go.

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