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Is there like a starting/entry position on a ship? Something like room maintenance that doesn't require previous experience?
BayaD BayaD 22-25 5 Answers Sep 2, 2011

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you might if you have good grades.... anyway you will never know unless you apply... good luck...

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Those jobs are brutal. That is why is those positions are always filled by people who live in parts of the world that offer little hope for a future. I do know that the turnover rate is tremendous. They do make the person sign a contract and that means they own them for the duration of the contract. But they do make fairly decent money. Knowing this has always made me a better than average tipper for those services when we have been on cruises.

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maybe, but it's doubtful. they usually require some experience and a good work history, after all it's not like they can get someone to replace you very fast. <br />
also you have to sign a 3-9 month contract.<br />
also, most people who work on those ship do what would usually be considered two jobs.

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