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I ran out of my script early this month due to having to take a little more. My pharmacy I go to is an independent pharmacy family owned. I have one more refill left but I have a new written prescription from my doctor that will give my pharmacy next month after my last refill is up. I'm on two different insurances I use tri care at my pharmacy. If I take my written prescription to a different pharmacy using my other insurance do you think they'll fill it? Could they see that I go it filled at my other pharmacy not 3 weeks ago and am not due for a refill or would they not be able to track it since it'll be on a different insurance. Please answer thanks and gold bless
Exotica133 Exotica133 18-21, F 1 Answer Sep 16, 2013 in Drugs

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Yeah if u hav scrip. Or jus hav doc call in. My doc called for subs for me

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My question is If i take my written prescription to a different pharmacy will they fill it. I'm gonna use a different insurance. Will they be able to see that I filled it at my pharmacy 3 weeks ago and tell me it's too early? Or would they not be able to know Since I'm using another insurance. Thnx 4 the reply

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