I found myself in one. PLan to see her in switzerland and then she will try n come london. But dont know whatshappening after that, could be many months before i see her again. I would never go for stuff lke this but shes something special. So can it work?
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Ha they work great hun if they send you cash. Well seems i 'm into one now & it's scary as we're both horny lil devils & can't wait to tie that knot up. My love is female & very hot & athletic & is affuent. Have not even met yet & she is seemingly hot for me just as much. Blond petite ,plenty of staying stamina, educated but canadian living in N.C. She's pretty I'm lucky like the song says. God's best creation.

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how are you with long distance friendships a relationship is the same way just not intercourse while your apart unless you both are ok with that but you do need someone to hold you to sometimes i am for sure no expert just my opinion

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Well that is tough... I have to tell you that.

But follow your heart and it will lead you to your answer...

Again... it depends on you both want to do it or not!

Try to take it slow and get to know each other first and take it from there!

All the best

- Marin.

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Depends how desperate you both are!

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Yes it can but only if you both really love eachother. If one has any doubts don't waste your time, they will bail when you least expect it, experence showed me this, didn't make it hurt any less...

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