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My friends keep talking to me about trying marijuana to help my autoimmunity. My doctor said no, because "people use it as a crutch." I've considered getting a second opinion as well. I've tried researching it, and have read a few articles saying that marijuana might be able to help, but I've found few that seem reliable. I'd like to get other peoples' inputs, and maybe a few good, reliable, sources of information if possible.
CuriouslyCoolCat CuriouslyCoolCat 22-25, M 1 Answer Apr 12, 2014 in Health

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Use it as a crutch compared to what? A presc<x>ription with refills? I don't advocate either way but if you have used the drug before and are familiar with it and how you react to it, I am in agreement with people pursuing holistic approaches. It can be "healthier" than plenty of other meds. I'm not familiar with your health issue, I'm sorry. But I hope you find relief!

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I've never tried smoking before, so unfortunately I'm not sure how I'd react. I have tried edibles once, but I'm told its very different in effect. Lastly, thank you! I hope by researching and asking people questions that I'll find some other ways to treat my condition.

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