I need all the advice before confronting my crush and telling him how I feel:) but I don't want him to be playing me ad he's a shy guy! Could he possibly be able to just a be jerk or nervous???:/
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Yes and no.

Anyone can be a player, if you want to be a sexist ***** then you could be a playa but no one ever wants to be one but everyone is and I player is really just a smart person who doesn't use the maths for good.......... I'm not smart I'm wise it's a difference no one gets, the wise person is always old and whatever I know a lot of things many people wouldn't know unless they actually faced themselves and disregarded others but still stayed a friend.

Nevermind that it's just my thoughts.

Yes they can

Everyone is a Player

Life is no fun without Players

What is a Game?

Life is a Game

The Wise are the ______

The Clever are the _________

Both are needed or nothing fun would happen.

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I rushed the top half and wrote a summary in the bottom half and here is my answer lol: He is probably not a bad guy.

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I know I wasn't*.

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They can be ********--especially if they dislike a lot of people as part of their shyness.

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im shy to,and i aint no player,,cant see a shy guy being a player every,an actor maybe.,speaking for meself.was allways to shy and scare to ask a girl out,take a change on the guy,you 2 could be great together,good luck

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I'm shy and I'm not a player nor am I mean either

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Butters became a pimp on South Park. Do you know what I am saying? lol

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Never seen that episode before? And I'm not sure?

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In that case well, it's a toss up. You never have seen them in action, so you don't know what they would do given the opportunity. May turn out for better, may be for worse. Dealing with people and relationships there's always plenty of risks and plenty of unknowns and unexpecteds

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Then I will have to take a chance and go for it

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Better than wondering what if later on down the road

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