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I truly believe that there is someone for everyone. It's just a matter of patience and not searching for one. Keep yourself busy and one strong point that I emphasize is to be happy with yourself. Once you are complete and whole you will send the message to everyone that you don't need anyone. The male species when he wants to marry wants assurance that his female is not carrying any garbage.

This goes for the females as well. Men carry their garbage also. Many believe that sex is the answer; but what most of them are doing is expressing their need for a lack of self preserverence. If you are going to have sex as the tool to find your soulmate then, it's the worst thing that people do. They are experiencing the sex making but, not the learning about each other where communication and understanding begin in making a marriage work. always be truthful and honesty in any relationship.

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im lonely and want someone to i have all my life

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Truth. Be exactly who u are no matter who ur around. U want a real relationship then dont be fake and youll find someone quickly. at least a match if not true love right away

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YOU will find love when you are least expecting it and in the last place you would think to find it. This is the only comfort I can offer you.

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Try an online dating site. Some are free...plenty of fish, singlesnet etc. ...and some cost money...eHarmony, Chemistry, Match.

Go out and volunteer or join a group to meet people. Start by just looking to meet interesting people to get to know and become friends. Don't put so much pressure on finding a serious's more likely you'll find what you're looking for if you relax a bit.

Good luck.

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