I had a weird dream last night. I cant remember the whole thing but I can remember the important one. I was walking and I saw a raccoon. It stared at me then ran to me and I held a leash and was gonna hit it with it but I fell and got bit on my hands. I got bitten 2 times in the dream. I remember that I wanted to take the rabies shot but didnt. I searched the dream and it said it might be about false friend harming me and being dishonest. I think it is true cause im at this new school now and im finding it hard to trust people. I dont know who loves me and who doesnt and I think I know who the dream is about but im not sure if this is the real meaning of the dream or not. I also think it is about my new school cause before I had the dream 2 days before I told some girls something about someone I liked and when we played spin the bottle they were gonna tell him. Please tell me what it means.
lovefiro lovefiro 13-15 4 Answers Jan 23, 2013 in Hobbies

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You might want to have a career in rodent extermination. Yup, I think thats what the dream is telln you

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Yes it's true. An animal in anyone's dream means a person "Human being"

And it's also someone who pretends to be a nice friend cause you never can imagine a bird to be like a lion. Cause a lion is a wild animal that when seeing it you would run away so it definitely is known to be your enemy.

But a bird would be considered as a nice harmless cute animal so how would this animal harm you??

Simply it's a friend who's pretending to like you but is in truth not that much a kind person.

And maybe it's someone from your family or friends.

What was the book's name that you have interpreted your dream with???

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Don't think too much about it. Its a dream after all.

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It don't mean much - just that you saw trouble coming, fought it, the trouble went away, and you got a lil hurt but didn't need no doc.

Thinking about the dream is worrying you more than the dream. Dump it and chill out.

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