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It just seems like people REALLY hate arrogant people, when they do. I am afraid of how arrogant I am. But I still wonder, isn't it arrogant to hate? arrogant adjective Definition: showing overly proud self-importance and disregard, or even contempt, toward others Also, can anybody ask this question in a better way? A better way being a way that makes more people want to answer it. I want to know what more people think about it. Either way, I really hate people who hate arrogant people.
kattekens kattekens 31-35, F 6 Answers Aug 12, 2010

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Only arrogant people hate

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Good point but yes you can. It comes with hating what is wrong (i.e. the bad behavior) vs. hating people. As soon as arrogant people cease being so, if they do, then "hating" them ceases to be an issue. Remember we are one with our choices (good or bad) until our choices change. When we make good choices, we are good and when we make bad choices, we are bad. Thank God we can make different choices, huh?<br />
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Arrogant people hate others because they believe that they are better and more important...smarter, prettier, thinner....than everyone else. They believe they are above everyone else and the law. <br />
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Just as my Heavenly Father, I also hate arrogant behavior (aka arrogant people). God bless you.

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Good luck. You spot it you got it dude.

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