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honeyswizgal honeyswizgal 18-21, F 6 Answers May 10, 2012

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I'm glad to hear he bounced... Worthless from the start! Sounds like you need a dose of reality, get the hell out of cyber space. You won't find it there.

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Is that the one about your friend dying?

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Unless you are medically ill or mentally ill you can only "lose your balance" if you allow your environment to control you. Have you no control over yourself? If someone wanted to hit you right now, would you let them? If someone wanted to take all your personal belongings right now, would you let them? No and it is because of control. You do have some you know but maybe you are too lazy to do for yourself in which case, have a nice trip. No one is responsible for you except you so get over yourself and maybe do something for someone who has a real serious problem like parapalegia or cancer and stop thinking about yourself so much.

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