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Message me if you want to talk, I'll listen, but please don't do it.

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Too many pills CAN kill you, please don't kill yourself, it its such a permanent solution to a temporary problem.....feel free to PM me, if you need to talk, but don't do it.....I know all about life being dark, and not wanting to go me I do....I battle major depression, and have felt the same way that you have....but I know that if I ended my life, it would destroy my family....and that's something that I cannot do to them...

PLEASE talk to someone...anyone, and let them know how you are feeling.....things WILL get better, it may not seem like it now, but they will.....good luck to you.....

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Never do that stupid ....

And consume sleep pills at all..

Click me.. I bet, you will cheer up your life.. Its a Challenge !!

I have only LOVE in my stores... Wanna be ?

Love xoxo

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Yea messege me too:)

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I've Tried killing Myself 3 times. Twice I was almost dead, I was fading away and the hospital saved me. I'm not even suppose to be here. Last time I tried I ended up in a hospital home for almost 2 weeks, hospital food, can't go into the other teenagers rooms, wasn't aloud to sleep, no visits, they took away my phone and everything that distracted me. I couldn't leave until the doctor said I was fine. They made me do all these things and interviews. I was isolated, sometimes people live there and if I ever did anything again I would most likely be there for at least a year. There's ****** things in life u I've to deal with, u don't just kill yourself.

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