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I'll limit my view from the whole world to America, the country I live in and love and so my world. We became really wealthy and powerful really quickly, historically speaking because of three things - the rapid genocide of the American Indians, the abduction and slavery of Africans coupled with the third thing - the vast natural resources of the land.

As a country we have yet to recognize our own ascendancy was due in great part to these three things. Instead we romaticize (sp?) the (nearly) extinct Indians, continue to enslave the African American population in poverty and exploit our natural resources or reject them in favor of cheap imports. At the same time we pump ourselves up as "rugged individualists" who are just smarter and better than everyone else and we have the audacity to tell other countries who practice genocide, slavery and exploitation that they are evil and have no right to practice the very things we used to become so powerful.

So...the answer (IMO) is - as a species we have yet to learn that all humans are created equal and to do unto others as you would have them do unto you is the only logic that will help us survive as a species. If we don't get some of these things quickly we'll become extinct like so many before us and a new hopefully better species will rise to have it's "shot".

And thus history will repeat itself.

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wow..i am truly blown away by your explanation..thanks for haring this...

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Thank you, danieldaramola, for asking a great question and giving my brain a run for it's money.

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