I got into trouble back in 2004. I have one year of probation left. My fiance was just released from prison for the same crime. We got into trouble at the same time but he took most of the fall for it. Can we live in the same house without being married?welcome=t4
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qit does depend on the state. However most states it's a no you can not live or associate with other felons. But definitely contact your P.O. or a lawyer and find out for sure. If you really love eacother you wouldn't want to do anything to risk going back to prison. Lots of luck..

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Depends on the state.

In Cali: there is no contact allowed with felons, while on probation or parole.

Does anyone follow that rule? No. So, no worries. Just don't do anything to get your P.O. or cops involved and you should be fine.

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Ask your P.O. or your lawyer.

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It doesn't sound like the two of you are off to too great of a start....

I live in midwest US, and in this state, 2 felons can't associate with each other at all, while on probation/parole....If they find out, you are back to prison, for parole/probation violation.

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In my state, if you were already together (married or not), you can stay together after getting into trouble. However, if you started a relationship AFTER both getting in trouble, it is actually a parole/probation violation to be together ANYWHERE, much less in same house.

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