I have premature wrinkles under my eyes at 24, my question is: If you do all the right things for example in my case: quit smoking, exercise well/better using both aerobic and other styles, eat well with lots of fruit and veg packed with collagen stimulating vitamins such as A, C and food rich in antioxidants etc, use sunscreen spf15+ daily on my face and an eye cream with q10 enzymes or retinol or something fairly proven and make sure I treat my face very delicately.... will I even be able to reverse what is already there? Not slow down the process of new ones appearing but actually get rid of the ones which exist... Or would I be wasting a lot of time, effort and money putting this regime into place?
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Rodan and fields offers an amazing 3 part regimen to reverse wrinkles and to prevent. I am 25 and currently use this for my skin! It is called redefine. You can learn about it at

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This is silly, of course you can.

You have to think of life like a gauge

Super crappy health this end ---------/----------> Good health

Your health goes up and down this every single day depending on stress diet and other life factors like sleep and sun exposure.

You have to continually have the marker on the higher end of the scale the longer it's there the fast they're fade, the thing is, that's easier said then done fractions of stress will promote inflammation and bring it down same goes with sun exposure and diet.

My two cents are, eat a well balanced diet get 3-hours of exercise a week stay out the sun stay away from friends that cause you more stress then happiness and make sure to get 8-10 hours of sleep daily. (This is super important)

Anyone recomending a botox is either to stress to balance their health meter and just plain lazy it actually annoys me -.- The whole I don't have time thing etc is silly. If you don't have time or are stressed why are you even living, make a new life.

TLDR answer:

Yes, I have done in the past. (Personally had large frown lines and smile marks)

In terms of diet. Eat foods high in vit c daily, fruit and protein is super important. Get some with every meal.


I recommend AOC - reflex (a mix of anti ageing foods) A good multi vitamin for example solgars, or optiman/woman. Then some flax seed oil and cod liver oil.

I did this for a year the change in my face was ridiculous, people didn't reconise me and I look like a different person. Use to be ugly, without seeming big headed I am now good looking. :)

Hope this helps, and stay overoptimistic.

If you want some hope. Youtube 'face change' It makes you realize how much lifestyle effects your face and how you can constantly go from worse > good back and so.

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Of course you can : SLEKNIRW !!!!

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Somewhat as the tightness of the skin can be altered, naturally or with natural products.

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Spend more time submerged in Ocean salt water! But don't forget to apply face lotion protector and drink at least 3 liters of H2O a day.

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Well, that healthy regimen would do MORE than just help your face. I would suggest that just to stay healthy and feel good anyway. But the reversal of wrinkles is probably unlikely. You may reduce the visibility, but as we age (I'm 32) you're going to see more wrinkles, especially if you smile a lot! But don't worry so much about's part of the process. Life life to it's fullest and you won't notice the wrinkles so much! :)

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Stupid response

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