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I totally get this question..I love being hugged ( by friends, family, relatives..anyone) and I can't say that I can fully tell what their intentions are but I get the general idea.

Light Hug: They don't really mean it. They do the whole "barely wrap your arms around you" thing and it's like, you're not being serious, screw you.

Tight Hug: Emotional. They're either really sad about something or really happy to see you -either or, it shows they can trust you or that they missed you.

One arm: Half assed. They're trying to be cool to maintain a status or they're trying to be all "bro hug" but deep down, they want to fling that other arm around and give you a full -frontal - female hug.

Another one I usually get is what I like to call the "Cliff hanger" : When someone doesn't understand boundary issues or is incredibly drunk, wraps their arms around your neck, slowly dragging behind you as you walk.

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Light hug: You seem like you need a hug, but I don't know you that well or I'm not much of a hugger.

Tight hug: Can I never let go?

One arm hug: I either have something in my other arm, or I don't really want to hug you, or you don't need a big hug

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Only if the person wants to make their intent known. If I get the "little too long" hug with their private parts drilling into mine I would say they want to know me biblically. A limp hug says "back off *****" but a bear hug says "I am so liking you please let me!" Just an old girls opinion.

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Yes, always. If they are the sort who feel that men objectify women they will not make a firm hug for fear that they will send a signal that it's ok for my "man nature" to act all cave-mannish. So in a sense they are dissing me, judging that I won't have the power of restraint. For God's sake, hug me like an Italian! stop being so sensitive! it's just a hug!

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Yeah, u can find meaning in the smallest of things, its their intent behind those that is the mystery...

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