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did someone say twisted?

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YES!!! Love this :) It's exactly the kind of twisted I was hoping to find :) :) :) Anything else you care to share???

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by the same band? = Dance Commander, I'm the bomb, Vibrator....... Gay Bar.
other bands... Pfft.... beats me, Electric six is all I've been listening to today LOL Have you tried Lords Of Acid???

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I am glad you exposed me this music!! I haven't dove into my Lords of Acid yet... I'm making a cd for a lover... Anything else awesome you care to share??

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I miss you ~ blink182

Where'd you go ~ fort minor

There's so many google it

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Little known - hmmm that's difficult

The Bells - Stay Awhile

Bobby Goldsboro - Honey

melenie - Brand New key

Jud Strunk - I'll Bring You a Daisy a Day

DR Hook - A Copuple More years

Kath Bloom - Come Here

Bob Seger - Chances Are

Janis Ian - at Seventeen

Harry Chapin - A Better Place to be

Harry Chapin - Story of a Life

harry Chapin - Mail order Annie

Sylvia - Pillow Talk

marmalade - Reflections of My Life

Gonzo - I'm Going to Go Back There Some Day

John Lennon - Love

Sonic Youth - Superstar


Billy Joel - You may be Right

Jim Stafford - My Girl Bill

jim Stafford - Spiders and Snakes

Napolean IV - they're going to take me away ha ha (Ok not a love song but it's twisted)(

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Patpches, don't know who sang it

Jodie and the Kid, Kris Kristofferson

My Mary's Coming, Harry Chapin I think

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come sail away, styx

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Coast of Malabar by Ry Cooder.

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love you till the end.. pogues

when you look me in the eyes.. jonas brothers

wanna grow old with you..westlife

perfect two..auburn (its cute sorta like a teenage love song)

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liking love you till the end :)

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:) glad u like it

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