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Yes I can, and have on several occasions on a tablet. They still own the tablet. Myself to list would feel.too vain.

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Sure! um.... 10 things I like about me? .... {exhale}


I like that my feet are small.

I like that my hair is really long

I like that I have kids who are super cool

I like that there are extremely divergent things about me

I like that I can drive standard

I like that I'm back in school to be a nurse

I'll like it more when I AM a nurse

I like that I have ecclectic taste in music

I like that I'm a former-Marine

I like that I'm free.

About my trusted friend:

I like that they're loyal, dependable, honest, funny, crazy, experienced in life, intelligent, witty, sarcastic and that they like me back.

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Me: 1) Down to earth 2) Charming 3) Ambitious 4) Hard working 5) Spontaneous 6) Fashionable 7) Laid back 8) Friendly 9) Fun loving 10) Adventureous

My best friend Sam: 1) Friendly 2) Hilarious 3) Dependable 4) Helpful 5) Knowledgeable 6) Always have my back 7) He's a very giving person 8) Prankster 9) He cares about other's feelings 10) Chipper

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