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he's really nice when you get to know him

those pants look great on you

i'll have only one (chocolate)

i love your hair

your my bff 4 evah!

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Okay... this one should get x10 'likes'... xD

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Reubles - you forgot... "You're not fat"

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i was going to put more, but i reached the limit. :(

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I'll fit into my skinny jeans next week!

I promise I won't tell him you're into him

Your nails look good

I'm fine

I never talk behind people's backs

These are just a few things I've noticed with my friends lately lol... not always.. not for everyone lol

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#2, 4, and 5 lol

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lol its so true!

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"i'm so happy for you"

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OMG I love that....

No I don't mind at all...

I'd love to go....

I'm sorry I didn't call you back, I've been so busy

You don't look fat

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Only 5?

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do you not mind to mention 100?

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"You're so cute... way prettier than me!"

"You're my best friend... lets just keep it our secret though."

"I like makeup... it makes my face all nice and fake."

"When I hang out with you I so totally don't feel like puking!"

"Hey, I don't mind paying every single time for all my friends. Eat everything in my kitchen. I'm made of money!"

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Im so fat

I dont care about how much money you earn

Ill be five minutes

I have a headache

I love you

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